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Story Love

Join us for NYC Story Love:

Swing by a Story Love event and browse through hundreds of original stories written by kids. Two of our fiercest Pirates will be there to assist you as you eat a bite, have a drink, and immerse yourself in some wonderful stories. Read them, cherish them, and show them some Love!

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What is Story Love?

At Story Pirates, we still remember the thrill of an approving teacher’s remark, and we recall the electrifying rush of receiving a supportive, handwritten note.  Story Love is our way of showing students that we have read their stories and care about what they have to say. Each year, Story Pirates helps tens of thousands of children write a complete, original story, but we are only able to perform a handful of these stories at schools across the country. Through our Story Love program, we provide positive, personalized feedback for each and every story created in our writing workshops. Here is what one student had to say about Story Love:

Dear Story Pirates,

I would like to thank you for taking your time and reading my story about Emily and the cute boy Josh.  Also I want to thank you for coming to our school and class and letting us make up a story for you to pick out, then performing them.  Even though my story didn’t get picked, I still thank you because I know that you read my story because you wrote a comment on the back of my story.  Thank you for that comment it was very sweet.  I like the program because it was funny and sweet because they did not only pick our stories they also picked stories from other schools. Story Pirates, I hope you had fun and enjoyed performing the storyies I really had fun and enjoyed it.  I hope you did too!

From: Stephanie, PS 51 in Hells Kitchen

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